by Max Miedinger

Helvetica is the digital handwriting of the Jeffrey Flanagan brand. It’s a simple typeface that packs a formidable punch while remaining beautiful and universal on mobile devices. Use for web applications, headlines, and body text.
by René Bieder

Galano Grotesque stitches the seams together. It’s sleek and geometric design makes it effortlessly legible and clean. Use for headlines and body text.

To ensure that the logotype is displayed at maximum strength and legibility, always maintain a comfortable clear space zone.

As a general rule, the minimum clear space should be equal to the diameter of the circle forming the origin of the logotype.

In addition to accurate sizing and spacing, there are some rules to follow while using the logotype. Refer to the following examples (A-G) as a guide.

To achieve a symbol that represents enduring optimism and fortitude, I looked no further than water and fire. Both possess an unwavering beauty and a force of infinite might.

Each color has a voice all its own. Combinations range from soft to incendiary

Use these colors in their specified mixes (CMYK, RGB, Pantone) as shown below. 

The logotype will primarily be represented in black and white but can also be used in the combinations below.​​​​​​​


The Jeffrey Flanagan personal logotype is a power source, ever-flowing and fierce. May its beauty and strength resonate throughout the universe across all applications and platforms, in any solar system, and in every heart.

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