Meet Rick "Rocket Redd" Reddman, full-time hardware store clerk and part-time hero to cats in trees everywhere. Redd's career as a superhero began at the age of ten when he discovered a black and white kitten following him home from school during a rainy April afternoon. He quickly placed the kitten inside of his lunchbox with the lid slightly cracked, shielding the kitten from the storm. The kitten would become known simply as "Caboose." From that day on, he has dedicated his life (part-time, anyway) to rescuing those lovable balls of fur.

Develop a character from start to finish, exploring each phase of the creative pipeline.

Redd's physique is composed of a heavy upper body that tapers down to a skinny base. For his run cycle, I was tasked with creating motion that accurately illustrates his weight distribution.


I studied the movement of monkeys, apes, and other primates for inspiration. Doing so gave me the idea to have his arms animate in a "slinging" type fashion, suggesting that the weight of his arms assist in moving him forward.


Let's begin with a set of fifteen to twenty shapes.

Now, let's choose between three and five options to develop further.​​​​​​​

Ah, the difficult part. Let's combine two of the most unique ideas.

Now that we've got a selection made, let's get a full picture in front of us.

Looking good. Let's work out the face a bit.

Groovy. Let's throw some lights in there and see what happens.

Consistency is key. It's time to design a proper color index.

Every hero needs a unique identifier. Redd is no different.

Almost to the finish line. The logotype is next. 

Done and done. A dynamic headline typeface suited for the boldest of heroes.

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