I've been working on designing more complex staging in my scenes. Used a few characters I developed last year to explore a bit.
DRAGONS EYE / 08.21.2020

​​​​​​​Visual effects are pretty fun to do. Particularly explosions, dust clouds, impacts, etc...I've been playing a lot of old school video games recently and got the craving to make some effects of my own.
NIKO / 06.30.2020

There was a time when Fruit Ninja was one of my favorite mobile games. It inspired me to create a character that slices and dices fruits and veggies before his father tosses them on the grill.
ROCKET REDD / 06.18.2020

I had an idea for a character that saves cats in distress. Full-time hardware store clerk. Part-time superhero to felines stuck in trees.
LITTLE FISH / 05.15.2020

Sometimes I'll create a character design that doesn't have a fully developed narrative in place. Often, these ideas will just sit in a box or hard drive and remain as a concepts. I like to take these illustrations and do something fun with them which usually ends up being a short animated sequence like this. 
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