The Sun At Night / PC

Role: Animator

Welcome to the 2D action platformer featuring the lovable Russian space dog, Laika. Taking inspiration from the 1957 launch of Sputnik II, our heroine mysteriously returns to Earth armed with alien armor and weaponry ready to help lead the resistance.

As an animator, I had the unique opportunity of wearing multiple hats. From translating the stellar concept art painted by @MeeshDrawsGood into animation to designing aspects of VFX and UI, it was an incredibly insightful experience.

One of the more challenging aspects of the project was making tactful decisions on how much detail to give each character based on system constraints inside of the Microsoft XNA engine, specifically for major enemy classes. For example, certain characters were designed in sections and strategically spliced together later on.
Tumble Words / Mobile

Role: Animator + UI Artist

Welcome to the word game of flips, swaps, and swivels. If you make the right moves, you'll find your way to the top of the leaderboard in no time. Developed for iOS, Tumble Words brings the fun of classic board game mechanics to the palm of your hand.

I arrived on the team after the beta launch and quickly got to work editing UI elements and designing promotional animation for social media marketing campaigns. As the first digital product of my career, it was an invaluable, educational experience where I learned to design under the lens of a user-first philosophy.
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