Befriend Your Demons.

Into / Animated Comic Book Series

Role: Author + Creator

Some superheroes can fly. Others can move mountains with flick of a wrist. But, who protects us in our dreams?

Enter: Mightsider.

Beating the streets of the seaside tech empire of Vayda, teen Jay frequents arcades, skateparks, and tags the city in an effort to cope with chronic depression and insomnia. His carefree lifestyle abruptly comes to an end after receiving a phone call informing him of the suicide of his father. On the night of a hurricane, the darkness reaches out to take him as well. But deep within his mind, any and all emotions converge, fighting back in the form of a demon that feasts on the negative forces that have plagued him, and many around the world, for so long. From that night on, he devotes himself to rescuing others from the clutches of sorrow and depression in the dimension of dreams.

The animated film below represents a proof of concept for the project. I wanted to combine two of my greatest interests in life: meaningful storytelling and helping others. The adventure will spread awareness to mental health and mindfulness. Volume one will be available for web and mobile during the summer of 2021.
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